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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I was answering comments (all 175 ones)
from deviantART, while I drank my coffee,
and one of them was from Bampire.
I had never heard form that fellow devArtist before,
but she made my day.

She is a digital painter, like me,
and she is one of the thousands of people who use my Skin Color Swatches.

What she did was, she created a stamp.
For others to use wherever they want.

(you can see it here from her gallery)

Stamps were made for people in deviantART (mostly)
to use as "moods", or to show if they belong to a group,
their likes and dislikes...

I used them here on my blog before, about the stuff I like.
Just scroll down to see it.

Well, I have said it to her a bunch of times...
but, Thank you.

It is an honor when someone likes what you created.
I am glad that I can help others paint easier by sharing something
I did for my own use.
I created that because I swatch everything I see,
and I had so many accumulated from painting training
that I decided to share,
but I never thought people would actually use it.
So, thank you.

I also thank my Mikey, because to him,
this isn't surprising.
Thanks Mikey, for believing in me.
I love you.

I posted the Skin Color Swatches here at the blog too.
Click here to see the post.

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