Obsessed with Lord of the Rings

Friday, July 04, 2008

Top 15 Signs that you are Obsessed with Lord of the Rings...

15. Your boyfriend dumps you because all you ever talk about is "that stupid elf with long hair" or you dump your boyfriend because he doesn't have long blonde hair and pointy ears.

14. You use play dough to make your very own elf ears. (that's easy!)
13. You refuse to write your name unless you can write it in a Middle-Earth language. (Faradriel, thank you very much!)
12. You start talking with a British accent. (what if you are trying to get rid of it?)
11. You call up six of your friends to see if they will dress up with you as the remaining Fellowship for the premier of the Two Towers.
10. You often stare at and whisper to the "One Ring" you got off a bookmark.
9. You get blue contacts so you can look more "Elvish."
8. You are adamant that the elves DO live in your woods. (in Texas?)
7. The people at the toy store know your name because you have cleared out their supply of LotR action figures.
6. You try to walk on snow, grass, or dirt without leaving a footprint. (you can do that in World of Warcraft sometimes, damn obsessions!)
5. Your mother catches you spinning around in the kitchen with a butter knife in each hand pretending to be Legolas.
4. You have a sign on your door that says "Speak friend and enter." (mellooooon!)
3. You go up to strangers and say, after putting on the 'One Ring' you got from the bookmark, "Can you see me? Huh? Can ya?"
2. When your younger siblings mess with your stuff, especially any LOTR merchandise, you scare them by hissing, "Do not touch my Preeeeciousssssssssssssssssssss!!!"
And the number one sign that you are an obsessed LotR fan...
1. You refer to the Silmarillion as "the Bible". (I wonder who does that....=P)


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  1. No, you can't see me.

    And I call it the bible because it IS the bible