La Lunasa

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Céad míle fáilte romhat!

July will melt into August today and the beginning of the autumn will again arrive in the twilight of Lughnasadh eve, and so Lughnasadh is upon us, the summer is ending. It is the time of the first harvest, to gather our fruits and be blessed through the falling leaves of the fall and the colds of the winter to come.
The Summer Sun illuminates the abundance of Lughnasadh, and the abundance of our lives. A corn dolly to draw good fortune, and the corn bread to offer.
May Lugh blessings shine on us, on our skills, arts and crafts. Let us play the games held today and eat from this magnificent feast.
The shimmering days of summer dance around us, so I added here a nice music for the dancing.

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  1. Have a good harvest!

    While Lugh visits you, today is Imbolc here! Brigit's festival.